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July 22, 2015
Mura CMS Theme Development: Layout Templates

Learn how to create Mura CMS layout templates and utilize them in your custom themes in this simple tutorial.  

By Ronnie Duke
June 19, 2015
Mura Site Bundles Part 2: Deploy a Bundle

When starting a new Mura project, or getting started with Mura in general, deploying a site bundle is a great first step. A Mura CMS site bundle can be created from any existing site (see Part 1: Create a Bundle), and contains all of the files and data needed to completely replicate the source site, including all of the pages, plugins, site members, theme files, images and other assets.

By Michael Evangelista
June 11, 2015
Mura Site Bundles Part 1: Create a Bundle

One of Mura's most robust features is the automated "Site Bundle" system. A Mura site bundle is a specially-formatted .zip file with a collection of content and file assets used to duplicate an entire Mura CMS site. A site created from a site bundle includes all of the content and design aspects of the original, including all pages, theme files and other assets, with settings to control what actually gets imported when the bundle is deployed.

By Michael Evangelista
June 9, 2015
Steps for a Safe Update to Mura 6.2

Since the advent of Mura CMS as an open source project in 2008, the development team and user community have continued to improve and update every aspect of the system's functionality. While it is quite possible to maintain a site built on any version of Mura, it is highly recommended to keep the "Core" updated as bug fixes, enhancements, and security updates are released.

By Steve Withington & Michael Evangelista
June 4, 2015
Mura Plugins Boot Camp: Day 4 - Security

So far in this series, we've taken a look at the basics in Mura CMS plugin development. Before we move on, we should take a moment to talk about a very important aspect of developing your plugin: security.

By Grant Shepert
May 26, 2015
Advanced Inline Image Options in Mura 6.2

Mura CMS provides a number of solutions for handling and displaying photos on any page. In addition to robust cropping and resizing options for associated images and dynamic photo galleries, version 6.2 provides an enhanced set of tools for images placed directly in the primary page content using CKeditor.

By Michael Evangelista
May 19, 2015
Mura Plugins Boot Camp: Day 3 - Display Objects

The easiest way for plugins to display content in a Mura CMS site is by using display objects, widgets you can place on a page, even multiple times. What's even better is that you can configure each instance through what we call configurators.

By Grant Shepert
May 14, 2015
Enhanced SSL Support in Mura CMS 6.2

In addition to new features aimed at streamlining the development workflow and simplifying content management in Mura CMS, version 6.2 adds a few key security enhancements including simplified configuration of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) coverage.

By Michael Evangelista
May 7, 2015
Videos and More with New CKEditor Embedded Content Plugin

Further enhancing the content management experience in Mura 6.2, the rich text editor in Mura CMS is now equipped with the versatile oEmbed plugin for CKeditor. Allowing for automatic insertion and format-specific display of videos, images or other third party media, oEmbed provides a fast and reliable option for embedding content from a long list of supported sites into any Mura CMS page.

By Michael Evangelista
May 5, 2015
Leaflet Maps in Mura CMS 6.2

Another useful addition to the Mura CMS 6.2 feature set is the robust and elegant Leaflet Maps plugin for CKeditor. Replacing the GMap plugin in the Mura 6.2 content editor toolbar, Leaflet creates a customizable map display with an array of visual backgrounds, on any Mura page.

By Michael Evangelista