May 19, 2015
Mura Plugins Boot Camp: Day 3 - Display Objects

The easiest way for plugins to display content in a Mura CMS site is by using display objects, widgets you can place on a page, even multiple times. What's even better is that you can configure each instance through what we call configurators.

By Grant Shepert
May 14, 2015
Enhanced SSL Support in Mura CMS 6.2

In addition to new features aimed at streamlining the development workflow and simplifying content management in Mura CMS, version 6.2 adds a few key security enhancements including simplified configuration of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) coverage.

By Michael Evangelista
May 7, 2015
Videos and More with New CKEditor Embedded Content Plugin

Further enhancing the content management experience in Mura 6.2, the rich text editor in Mura CMS is now equipped with the versatile oEmbed plugin for CKeditor. Allowing for automatic insertion and format-specific display of videos, images or other third party media, oEmbed provides a fast and reliable option for embedding content from a long list of supported sites into any Mura CMS page.

By Michael Evangelista
May 5, 2015
Leaflet Maps in Mura CMS 6.2

Another useful addition to the Mura CMS 6.2 feature set is the robust and elegant Leaflet Maps plugin for CKeditor. Replacing the GMap plugin in the Mura 6.2 content editor toolbar, Leaflet creates a customizable map display with an array of visual backgrounds, on any Mura page.

By Michael Evangelista
April 30, 2015
Envato's Most Wanted - Mura CMS Themes

Looking to create some new themes for Mura CMS? Envato has just launched a new campaign with a whopping $10,000 bounty for new Mura CMS themes on Theme Forest. 

By Ronnie Duke
April 28, 2015
Fast and Easy Form Security with Google ReCaptcha

With Google reCAPTCHA on board, Mura CMS adds yet another simple and powerful security feature. Forms in Mura 6.2 are instantly protected from automated submissions and other suspicious activity without being unfriendly to real users.

By Michael Evangelista
April 23, 2015
Exporting and Importing Class Extensions and Extended Attributes [Video]

One of the more robust back-end enhancements in Mura CMS version 6.2 is the Export and Import Class Extensions feature set, which has automated the process of transferring Class Extensions and Extended Attributes from one Mura site to another. In this video demonstration, we take a look at the overall Class Extension management system in Mura, with a few basic examples of these features put to use.

By Michael Evangelista
April 23, 2015
Mura Plugins Boot Camp: Day 2 - Plugin Interaction and Configuration

In Day One of this series, we took a look at the basics of a Mura CMS Plugin. In Day Two, we are going to see what's involved in getting our plugin to interact with Mura itself. This will cover the concepts of display objects, events, and custom class extensions.

By Grant Shepert
April 21, 2015
Exporting and Importing Content with Mura CMS [Video]

In this 10 minute video demonstration, we explore one of the most versatile new features in Mura CMS 6.2, transferring content from one Mura site to another using the new new Export Content and Import Content options in the Mura CMS site manager.

By Michael Evangelista
April 16, 2015
Mura Plugins Boot Camp: Day 1 - Plugin Basics

Mura Plugins are one of the most convenient, effective ways of building custom functionality into Mura CMS. Plugins can range from the small and innocuous, such as something that creates a Bundle on a daily basis, to large applications that add complex new sets of custom functionality such as eCommerce, forums and the like.

This series will start by examining the most basic forms of plugins and build progressively towards the complex, eventually including topics like MuraORM, the remote API, Bundling, security and versioning.

By Grant Shepert