CFObjective 2010 Pre-Conference Training

Programmers Guide to Mura CMS by Matt Levine

April 21st, 2010

Pre-Conference Training at CFObjective - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Course Description

This one day, hands-on training will cover several different aspects of working with Mura CMS as a developer. We'll cover:

  • Programmatically working with content in Mura CMS
  • Working with Mura CMS objects
  • Understanding the Mura CMS event model
  • Integrating Existing or 3rd Party Applications
  • Building Mura CMS Plugins
  • Extending and customizing Mura CMS while staying on the upgrade path

If you're looking for way to learn how to do more, in less time with Mura CMS, this is a great way to get ramped up quickly.

Number of days: 1
Maximum number of students: 20
Price: $500


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About Matt Levine

Lead Developer and Architect of Mura CMS/Blue River Interactive Group CTO/Partner

Matt is the architect of and lead developer of Mura CMS. Matt's expertise lies in best-practice, object-oriented programming. He leads the technology team at Blue River as CTO, blending a pragmatic approach with robust, scalable frameworks to create top solutions for Blue River clients such Apple, Intel, CSX, VTech, and others.



Any chance you guys will be bringing this to South Africa one of these days? ;-)

Would have loved to have been able to attend this...


April 21, 2010, 6:24 AM
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