Mura CMS Books Available

We're proud to announce that 3 new Mura CMS books are available for immediate purchase. These books are the same ones we use in our official Mura CMS training courses, and will provide readers with great information and insight into Mura CMS. At less than $20 per book, this is a great way to get up to speed on Mura CMS quickly and affordably.

Each book contains an mix of information about Mura CMS features, functionality and tutorials, and there's one book for each of the three main types of Mura CMS users: Admin Users, Front-End Developers, and Back-End Programmers.

Mura CMS Content Manager's Guide

The Mura CMS Content Manager's Guide provides an essential overview of all the core Mura CMS features and functionalities that are used while managing your site. Mura CMS is developed with usability and simplicity in mind, but is very feature-rich, so this book is a great reference point for both CMS Administrators and Developers/Programmers alike.

Mura CMS Front-End Developer's Guide

If you're responsible for theming or designing a Mura CMS site, the Mura CMS Front-End Developer's Guide is the book for you. Mura CMS provides powerful tools for styling and laying out your websites, including both responsive and mobile-specific formatting. This book clearly describes the process of modifying Mura's built-in themes or creating your own from scratch, as well as features and functionalities to customize Mura's default markup and content structures. We also cover developing mobile-specific layouts and pages, as well as using Mura CMS for responsive layouts.

Mura CMS Back-End Developer's Guide

Programmers looking to customize Mura CMS, or to integrate it with external applications or systems will find this book invaluable. The Back-End Developer's Guide includes critical information about how to interact with and customize Mura CMS event-driven workflow, a guide to using the Mura Scope for simple access to Mura functionality, and much, much more.

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We're offering the books via's "print on demand" service - they combine great quality with reasonable pricing and quick turnaround.

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