Mura CMS Training

March 16th-20th, Sacramento, CA

Mura CMS 6.2 Training Courses
are Next Month! 

March 16th-20th, Sacramento, CA 

Early Registration Extended Until Feb. 20th - 15% off!

Don’t miss this chance to learn Mura CMS 6.2 just as it is being released. The next opportunity for our hosted courses won’t be until the end of the year.

Find a way to get to sunny Sacramento, whether you are a content manager or a seasoned developer, to learn the latest version of Mura CMS. Experienced users will want get up to to speed on what’s new, since the courses have been fully updated. New users will get full immersion on the best and fastest ways to use the wide range of awesome Mura CMS features. 

Mura CMS 6.2, available now as a preview release (link to preview blog), includes new calendar options, user manager improvements, slick new import-export features, updates to security features, a new javascript-based API, and much, much more. 

Your trainer will be Steve Withington, popular in the Mura CMS community and a member of the Mura CMS development team. These unique courses also allow for other members of the Mura development team to sit in and contribute to the training. It’s not uncommon to have the chief architect, Matt Levine and head of user experience, Sean Schroeder in the room with you on any given day. You get the full deep-dive with Mura CMS, along with the chance to ask your specific use-case questions and even influence the product road map. We love to meet our users and our courses offer far more than a standard training seminar.

At a minimum, you will walk away improved skills for rapid, efficient site management and development. We even provide a certificate of completion if you want bragging rights back at your office.


Sign up for one or all of the 3 courses given over five business days: 

Day 1: Mura CMS Admin Training 

From basic content editing to more complex concepts like adding files, managing permissions, creating blogs, creating forms and much, much more, this course is geared for non-technical content editors and developers alike. It provides a great foundation for working with Mura CMS. 

Days 2 and 3: Mura CMS for Front-End Developers 

If you are interested in creating layouts or designing for Mura CMS, you will benefit from this in-depth look at templating and creating layouts in Mura CMS.

Days 4 and 5: Mura CMS for Programmers 

This class covers working with Mura CMS from a programmer’s perspective in practical detail. Learn how to work with the Mura CMS API, customize and extend Mura CMS, develop plugins, and other advanced concepts.

If you have any questions, want a group discount, or if I can help with anything at all, please contact me directly. For our federal clients, training is available via our GSA schedule as well. 


Jason Long 
(916) 608-8608