Mura CMS Training

March 16th-20th, Sacramento, CA

Mura CMS 6.2 Training Courses for Users and Developers are Coming Up! 

March 16th-20th, Sacramento, CA 

Register by February 15th for an early bird discount - 15% off! 

These courses are a must for developers or users who work with Mura CMS on a regular basis, even if you are already familiar with Mura CMS. The courses are updated with new content covering new features introduced in Mura CMS version 6.2; this is the perfect opportunity to get up to to speed on what’s new, as well as how to get the most out of your use of Mura CMS. 

Mura CMS 6.2 has lots of great improvements, including new calendar options, user manager improvements, awesome new import-export features, updates to security features, a new javascript-based API, and much, much more. 

Come to Sacramento to learn the new features, best practices and time saving insights - directly from members of the Mura CMS development team. After these hands-on workshops, you will walk away improved skills for rapid, efficient site management and development. 

3 courses are available over five business days. Sign up for one or all, depending on your role: 

Day 1: Mura CMS Admin Training 

Everything you need to know about how to work with Mura CMS, from basic content editing to more complex concepts like adding files, managing permissions, creating blogs, creating forms and much, much more. This course is great for non-technical content editors and developers alike. 

Days 2 and 3: Mura CMS for Front-End Developers 

Anyone responsible for creating layouts or designing for Mura CMS will benefit from this in-depth look at templating and creating layouts in Mura CMS. 

Days 4 and 5: Mura CMS for Programmers 

This class provides an in-depth look at working with Mura CMS from a programmer’s perspective. You’ll learn how to work with the Mura CMS API, customize and extend Mura CMS, develop plugins, and other advanced concepts.

If you have any questions, want a group discount, or if I can help with anything at all, please contact me directly. For our federal clients, training is available via our GSA schedule as well. 

Jason Long 
(916) 608-8608