Cross-Platform Flexibility

Mura goes well with just about everything.

Whatever your infrastructure preferences, Mura is likely to fit in nicely. Mura CMS can be deployed on CFML or Java application servers, and on a variety of OS choices.

Full cross-platform browser support

Administrative users have access to the entire Mura functionality set in the browser and OS of their choice. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome are supported in Mura CMS, and of course, it doesn't matter if you're on a Mac, PC or even a Linux box. Mura CMS is for everyone.

CFML or Java - it's your call

For CFML-based organizations it's all about choice. You can use Adobe's ColdFusion server — Mura CMS runs on all versions from CF9 and up. If you're a fan of open-source software, we encourage you to check out Railo — it's got fantastic performance, and additional features that make it a very compelling option.

Java-based organizations can deploy Mura as a WAR file straight to their Java application server of choice. The combination of the productivity gains from programming in CFML along with the server performance and scalability of Java is a very potent brew.

Database - pick your favorite

Prefer open source? Mura CMS runs great on MySQL and PostgreSQL. If you'd rather use Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle those are supported too. It's your call.