Mobile Support

Treat mobile visitors like first-class citizens by optimizing your site for their use. Mura CMS ships with both responsive and mobile-specific templating options, allowing you to choose the approach that works best for you.

jQuery Mobile/Bootstrap

One site, multiple options 

Unlike other CMS's that use separate sites for mobile visitors, Mura CMS manages the same content in one unified repositiory, but allows you to present it different ways for different visitors. Key mobile-specific features include: 

  • Unique page content options for mobile visitors. Want your mobile visitors to any page to see different content from desktop visitors? You're all set. 
  • Mobile-specific navigation options - reconfigure your main navigation into a mobile-friendly drop-down menu on the fly, add swipe events to slideshows, and much more. 
  • Options for excluding any page/section from mobile display, or creating mobile-only pages

Mobile-specific templating 

Mura CMS ships with mobile-specific template options, allowing you to craft a site experience that's quick, efficient and optimized for the needs of your mobile and tablet viewers. Our mobile-specific approach includes automatic device detection, default mobile templates, and the powerful jQuery Mobile javascript library. 

Responsive templating

If you prefer to use responsive design in your site design, Mura CMS has you covered. There are a number of responsive design themes for Mura CMS, including our default Bootstrap theme. Mura CMS includes powerful custom image processing features that enable you to automate the resizing of images based on your templates — no need to work in an external image manipulation program. You can always use your own responsive CSS & templates with Mura CMS — flexibility is at the heart of our approach for site development.