February 24, 2009
How to choose a CMS (and why you should consider Sava CMS)

We're proud to announce that the University of British Columbia has chosen Sava CMS as their new CMS platform. You can check out their blog post about why they chose Sava CMS, but this quote sums it up: "We surveyed dozens of content management systems, and Sava was the only one that met all our requirements."

By Malcolm O'Keeffe
February 8, 2009
Other bloggers call Sava CMS "fabulous" and "the future"

We don't want to get all Sally Fields about it, but it's really great to hear some of the recent compliments from the community. Sava CMS recently received high praise on a couple different blogs - one of which went so far as to declare Sava CMS to be "the future". Wow.

By Malcolm O'Keeffe
February 3, 2009
Request for Ideas
We came across this post today by Hal Helms requesting ideas for a new CFML community project and thought it would be a great place to submit ideas from the Sava community. Since any application developed in a framework like fusebox, model glue, coldbox, etc. can be ported as a plug-in to Sava, a good idea from this post could be a great thing for the Sava community.
By Sean Schroeder