Every visitor that comes to your site represents a potential (or current) client, and it's vital to make your content available to all of them, no matter what their device - desktop, tablet or mobile. Mura CMS makes this easy.

Make your site useful and relevant for all your visitors

Your site can and should treat your mobile and tablet visitors like first-class citizens. WIth Mura CMS, you can create a mobile-centered content strategy, and then develop user experiences that give users easy and quick access to your content and functionality, optimized for every device.

Choose the web development approach that suits your organization best

Whether you prefer a responsive design or a mobile-specific approach, Mura CMS provides a full-featured toolkit to help accelerate your development and easily keep your content up-to-date. Gone are the days of developing and maintaining two separate sites; Mura CMS enables you you to serve the right content, in the right layout. from a single, unified content repository.

Present different content per device

Even though many pages work great for both desktop and mobile visitors, sometimes you need a different option. Mura CMS makes it easy to tailor your content on a per-device basis, so when you want to give a rich content experience to your desktop viewers, and a more straight-forward one for your mobile viewers, you'll have an easy, powerful way to deliver what your users need. 

Integrate your Mobile Apps with your Mura CMS site content

Sometimes, creating native mobile apps is the best way to get your content and information out to your user base. Mura CMS' easy integration hooks and rich API make it easy to develop rich, mobile apps that include your site's content, optimized for off-line viewing and storage.