We're pleased to announce the return of MuraCon for 2016! MuraCon 2016 will be held February 18 and 19 in Sacramento, CA. 

MuraCon 2016 will be loaded with great speakers from the community and the Mura development team presenting sessions for site administrators as well as seasoned developers. We're excited to show you new developments, the Mura CMS roadmap, and tons of useful how-to sessions to make your projects so much better and easier to manage.

We're still firming up the details of the schedule, but key highlights will include:

  • An in-depth look at Mura CMS 7.0 - features, new UI and more
  • New layout manager (visual drag/drop of page elements, including slideshows, local content indexes, related content & forms)
  • New form builder - greatly improved forms capabilities, including survey creation
  • How the Mura JSON API and Mura ORM capablities can be leveraged to quickly create powerful custom functionality
  • How to improve Mura CMS team workflow and productivity
  • An overview of Mura Experience Platform, our new marketing-focused software 

Of course, you can get much more information at

This time, we'll be in downtown Sacramento, CA, right down the street from the State Capitol and amid the bustling Sacramento nightlife. We're looking forward to meeting you, or seeing you again!

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