Back-End Developer Training Course

Perfect For:

CFML/Application Developers


In this two-day course, you will get a hands-on "deep dive" into Mura CMS. You'll learn the fundamental principles at work in Mura CMS, and how to programatically manipulate, extend and customize Mura CMS. We'll cover topics ranging from the accessing the Mura API to creating plugins, performance tuning and much, much more.  

This course will enable you to take full advantage of all that Mura CMS offers.

  • Completion of the Admin/User Training Course and Front-End Developer Training Course
  • Understanding of CFML, and preferably some experience with object-oriented programming
  • You must bring your own laptop (we will not be providing computers for this training)
  • A self-contained version of Mura CMS will be provided for Win32, Win64, or Mac OSX


  • Mura CMS File Structures
    • Core Directories and Files
    • Site Directories
  • Using the [MURA ] Tag
  • The Mura CMS Event Model
    • Life-Cycle of a Front End Request
    • Contextual Events 
  • The Mura Scope
    • Content Scope
    • Event Scope
    • Component Scope
    • Current User Scope
    • Site Config Scope
    • Global Config Scope
    • Helper Methods and Template Rendering Methods
    • Helper Methods
    • Template Rendering Methods
  • Session User Facade
    • Built-In Methods
    • Helper Methods
  • Understanding Base Mura CMS Objects
    • Mura Beans
    • Mura Iterators
    • Mura Feeds
    • Local ContentRenderer.cfc
    • ShowMeta for Link and File Nodes
    • HTMLHeadQueue
    • Method Injection
    • Local EventHandler.cfc
  • Mapping events in Mura CMS
    • Using addEventHandler() in the Local EventHandler.cfc
    • Using addEventHandler() in a Plugin
  • Custom Types and Output
    • Class Extension Manager: Overview
    • How to programmatically create Extended Attributes/SubTypes
    • Customizing Default Output
  • Creating Plugins in Mura CMS
    • Config.xml
    • Plugin.cfc
    • license.txt
    • config.cfm
    • index.cfm
    • PluginConfig
  • Keeping Your Site Auto-Update Proof
  • Caching and Performance Tuning
    • Overview of Mura CMS Caching
    • Additional Cache Settings