Admin/User Training Course

Perfect For

Web Site Managers, Content Administrators


In this one-day course, you will learn how to use Mura CMS's administration screens to edit content, and build, configure and maintain your site. Using real-world examples, you'll get hands-on experience and insight into all key Mura CMS features available to site administrators.

You will review Mura CMS functionality in the context of an existing site, and walk step-by-step through building an example site, including setting up your site's content structures and navigation, tips for quickly adding and editing page content, creating dynamic content indexes and navigation objects, how to manage reusable content, creating and using forms to gather user input, and much more. This course will also cover user management, including rights and permissions.

  • You must bring your own laptop (we will not be providing computers for this training)
  • A self-contained version of Mura CMS will be provided for Win32, Win64, or Mac OSX


  • Overview of Mura CMS 
  • Navigating the Administration Screens
  • Mura CMS Dashboard
  • Using and Customizing the Site Manager
  • Creating and Managing Categories
  • Mura CMS Components
    • Using components as content includes
    • Using components as code snippets
  • Using Plug-ins
  • Building a Site - The Basics
    • Site structure
    • Portals
    • Pages
    • Files
    • Links
  • Building a site - The Works
    • Content Collections
      • Local Content Indexes
      • Remote Feeds
      • RSS
    • Publishing
      • Scheduled Content
      • Password protection
      • Version history
      • Content permissions
      • Content formatting
      • Updating-backend/frontend
  • Fine Tuning and Configuration
    • Forms (overview)
    • Ad Manager (overview)
    • Email Broadcaster (overview)
    • Mailing
    • User Management 
  • Users and Permissions
    • Administrative Members
    • Site members
    • Content permissions