Front-End Developer's Training Course

Perfect For:

Web Designers & CSS Developers


In this two-day course, we will cover how to convert an existing visual design into a Mura CMS site theme. You'll get an in-depth understanding of how to create and modify Mura CMS templates and CSS to create your site's layouts and design, and how to use JavaScript to manipulate page elements dynamically. We will also show you how to rapidly build-out a site with common functionality by leveraging the built-in features of Mura.

  • Completion of the Admin/User Training Course
  • Working knowledge of CSS and web standards
  • Familiarity with jQuery and the JavaScript Console for Chrome (preferred) and/or Firefox
  • You must bring your own laptop (we will not be providing computers for this training)
  • A self-contained version of Mura CMS will be provided


  • A Typical Workflow
  • Selecting or Assigning a Theme
  • Where to Find Files
  • CSS/Less
  • JavaScript
  • Layout Templates
  • Template Variables
  • Mura Tags & Number/Hash Signs
  • Markup Conventions
  • Components
  • The Editor
  • Class Extension Manager
  • Creating Class Extensions With XML
  • Best Practices
  • Customizations: Staying On The Upgrade Path
  • Lab Exercises (including How To Convert a Third-Party Theme)