Mura Developer's Training Course

Perfect For CFML/Application Developers


In this three-day course, you will get a hands-on "deep dive" into Mura CMS. You'll learn the fundamental principles at work in Mura CMS, and how to programmatically manipulate, extend, and customize Mura CMS. We'll cover topics ranging from the accessing the Mura API to creating plugins, and much more. This course will enable you to take full advantage of all that Mura CMS offers.

  • Completion of the Content Manager's Training Course and Theme Developer's Training Course
  • Knowledge of CFML/ColdFusion
  • Knowledge of CFCs, Popular SQL Database Management Systems, and object-oriented programming preferred
  • You must bring your own laptop (we will not be providing computers for this training)
  • A self-contained version of Mura CMS will be provided


  • Introduction / Overview
  • Mura File Structure
    • Where Mura is Installed
    • Core Files
    • Site Files
    • Staying on the Upgrade Path
  • Mura Scope
    • What is the Mura Scope?
    • Accessing the Mura Scope
    • Sub Scopes
  • Mura Rendering
    • Front-End Content Rendering
      • The Mura contentRenderer.cfc
      • The Mura Tag
      • Mura Display Objects
      • Mura Content Types
    • Internationalization & Localization
      • Resource Bundles
  • Mura Beans / Base Objects
    • What is a Mura Bean?
    • Commonly Used Beans
    • Using Mura Beans
  • Mura Collections and Iterators
    • What is a Mura Collection?
    • What is an Iterator?
  • Mura Events
    • Typical CFML Life Cycles
    • Mura Event Life Cycles
    • ShowTrace
    • Event Handlers / Event Listeners
  • Custom Objects
    • Class Extensions
    • Mura ORM
  • Mura APIs
    • Mura .CFC API
    • JSON API
    • Mura.js
  • Plugin Development
    • Introduction to Plugins
    • Plugin Anatomy
    • Advanced Options
  • Getting Support