Why Mura?

Performance & Scalability

Mura provides an excellent platform for the most demanding of websites and intranets. Whether you need to scale up to handle thousands of concurrent visitors, or create fail-over proof architectures, Mura has you covered.

Under the hood, it's Java.

Mura runs as compiled Java byte code - the same technical infrastructure used by Google, Twitter, LinkedIn - for maximum performance and scalability.

Unlimited flexibility

You can deploy Mura sites in just about any imaginable configuration. Simple site on a shared server? No problem. Dozens of Mura sites on a single Mura instance? Again, piece of cake. How about multiple clustered instances, with a fail-over cluster in a separate data center? The U.S. Senate uses Mura in just this kind of configuration. Whatever your needs, you can setup Mura to handle them.


Caching options

Mura ships with an intelligent, powerful caching architecture that greatly increases performance. But if you have a site that has extraordinary traffic demands, you can add your own custom caching strategy - systems like Varnish cache, MemCached, EHCACHE and more work great with Mura, and allow your site to handle any imaginable scenario with ease.


Whether you need a simple configuration or a highly scalable, complex configuration, Mura will fit your needs

Mura CMS Example Deployment Architectures