Why Mura?

Search Engine Optimized

Great SEO starts organically but allows manual fine-tuning for best results. Mura follows this best practice and gives you the tools you need to make the most of SEO.

Full control over all titles

In Mura, you can craft your titles exactly the way you want (and according to your SEO consultant's advice!). You can control the page title's (displayed in the body of the page) content and structure (H1 or H2) , create alternative Navigation Titles for use in breadcrumbs and navigation links, specify the exact string used in your URL for that content node, and adjust your HTML Title content as needed.

Organically-optimized markup and content structures

Mura creates semantically correct page structures, and follows industry best practice in the creation of all site markup. The result is a site that needs very little SEO optimization from a development perspective - just supply great content and you're all set.

Automatically limit <h1>'s to one per page

Allowing users to generate <h1>'s without concern for SEO can lead to poor results. Mura allows you to enforce a single <h1> per page with out making content contributors guess how to format content. There's one way, and one way only to format headings. Mura defaults follow best practices but you're welcome to craft your page structire anyway you like.

User-friendly URL structures

By default, Mura creates user-friendly URLs without the need for additional plugins or programming manipulation. In Mura, you won't see any urls like www.domain.com/?pageID=xdvd445srse4gvssx387 or www.domain.com/node/256410. Clear, easy to follow URLs are good for both human visitors and search engines alike, and Mura is built for both of these key audiences.

Automatic Sitemap creation

Mura provides built-in creation of dynamic Sitemaps - everytime you update your site by adding/deleteing/moving pages, your sitemap is automatically updated. The creation of XML Sitemaps for search engines is just as easy - just install the appropriate plugin and you're all set. No more manual sitemap creation, and submitting to the search engines - once you set it up, you don't need to think about it again.

301 redirects created automatically

Whenever you move or rename content in Mura, the old location is stored, and requests for the old URL are automatically sent to the new URL with a 301 redirect (301 redirects are the most SEO-friendly way to handle URL changes).

Custom Alt Tags

Mura give you full control over all image Alt tags - which can significantly affect the keyword relevancy of your content. It's a small detail, but just another example of our focus on providing a great tool for all aspects of website development.