Why Mura?

Serious Productivity

Buckle your seatbelt. You'll be amazed how fast you can go. With Mura's pre-built content objects, starter templates and intuitive interface, your productivity will get turbo-charged.

Inline Editing

Editing content in Mura CMS is as simple as clicking into the page, and working with the content directly in the context of the page. No pop-ups or form fields to get in your way. It's the most intuitive editing experience we've seen.

Local Content Indexes

Need to create a list of content in your Mura CMS site? Say goodbye to complicated SQL or programming - unlike other systems, our easy to use, intuitive Local Content Index tool allows you to do it quickly, with zero coding, even if you have complex rules and scenarios in mind. Our configurator allows you to drag and drop to specify the fields you want to display, in any order you choose, and you can even assign custom CSS classes or IDs right in the configurator.

Form Builder

Creating new forms in Mura CMS is as simple as dragging and dropping the fields you need in our Form Builder. No need to call the IT department - anyone can create and add a new form in minutes. Mura CMS forms store data as XML in the default Mura CMS database schema, so there's no need to involve a DBA, and form submissions can be reviewed and downloaded at any time - even emailed upon submission to multiple email addresses. And like everything in Mura CMS, forms can be customized to integrate with external systems (CRMs, etc.)


Mura CMS's built-in slideshow feature allows you to create new slideshows in minutes. Just add your images via our easy drag and drop interface, and Mura will automatically create thumbnail, medium resolution and high resolution versions of each image, and assemble the slideshow for you. You can custom crop each image, and create custom image sizes for the slideshow - all within Mura CMS (no Photoshop needed!). Plus, the built-in slideshows are responsive and swipeable for mobile and other touch devices.


Calendars are a default content type in Mura CMS. Any content you add below - events, files, links, etc. - will be displayed in the calendar on the dates specified. Calendars can be filtered by category or group access, and can even aggregate items from other Mura CMS calendars with just a few lines of extra code.

Image Manipulation

Mura's built-in image manipulation features mean you don't have to pre-prep your images before using them in your Mura CMS site. Simply upload them in their hi-res format, and Mura CMS will create the multiple images sizes for use - you can even specify sizes for responsive designs. You can also crop and rotate images directly in Mura to get the exact fit for any dynamically displayed image.

Version Control & Rollback

Every time you create a new version of a page (or file, etc.) in Mura CMS, it's saved as a new version. Accessing previous versions is incredibly easy, and you can run a visual comparison between any two version. Our comparison tool also shows any other changes that have taken place, including any meta data changes, authorship changes, etc.

With our Content Staging feature, you can even roll back batch updates to your Mura CMS site in one-click. 

Copy and Paste Entire Pages & Sections

Got a page set up just right? Need to make another like it? With Mura's ability to copy and paste entire pages (including that page's template, navigation options, content objects and more), you can save time and and eliminate repetitive editing tasks. You can also copy and paste entire site sections if you want.

Multi-Language & Locale Support

Our Mura Translations plugin provides extensive support for publishing multiple language sites in Mura CMS. You can even create custom XML-based import/export workflows for automating or outsourcing your translations. Mura CMS also ships by default with English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian Portugese and Hungarian options for the Mura CMS admin, and adding new languages is as simple as updating a single resource bundle file.