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About Blueriver

Flow With Us

For the last 20 years, the blueriver team has been enamored by technology and its promise, and we've discovered something else too–Flow.

Achieving Flow is often referred to as "being in the zone", and almost any activity can produce it, but first it has to be cultivated. People in flow states are able to accomplish exceptional things and experience great satisfaction and enjoyment while doing it.

We're on a mission to understand and create these conditions in the digital experience, and to recreate it in our products and services for our clients.

Say hello to the Mura Digital Experience Platform

Blueriver created Mura to enable powerful, friction-free Flow for Product & Content Managers, Marketers and Developers. Used by some the world's best known brands, universities, publications and government agencies, it can create and manage exceptional digital experiences that deliver immediate user feedback, reduce tedium, make using it rewarding, eliminate distractions, and reduce worry of using the product.

  • Say goodbye to tedious workflows.
  • See ya to limiting software restrictions.
  • Adios to tools that are difficult to use or just don't keep up.
  • Never stress out on pushing 'Publish' again.

Blueriver built Mura to create remarkably effective, high value, low-effort digital experiences for websites, intranets, microsites, landing pages, content hubs, business applications, and more. 

Learn more at blueriver.com