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jQuery and jQuery UI added to Mura CMS admin

We've switched the default javascript library for the Mura CMS admin to jQuery (from Prototype), including the availability of the jQueryUI library for plugin developers. This will be a huge productivity gain for plugin programming, and also provides a great foundation for future improvements to the Mura CMS admin functionality. 

By Malcolm O'Keeffe
Mura at NCDevCon

If you're looking for a great conference and learning experience to expand your web dev horizons, com check out NCDevCon in Raleigh, North Carolina this weekend. It's a FREE, two-day conference that we've happily signed on to sponsor. In addition, we'll be doing a free, two-hour, hands-on training to show you how easy it is to build a site in Mura. Hope to see you there!

By Sean Schroeder
New Mura CMS Training Courses Available

We're pleased to announce the availability of our new Mura CMS training courses, held in Sacramento, California. We're offering 3 different courses - Admin/User training, CSS/Designer Training and Programmer Training. These full-day training courses will provide you with in-depth understanding of how to get the most out of Mura CMS, from content updates to creating new Mura CMS plug-ins. 

By Malcolm O'Keeffe
Today's (and all future) Mura Shows

We're back from CF.Objective() and will provide a full hour of live, no strings attached support. In fact, in the future, this will be the default topic for all Mura Shows if we don't have anything scheduled for presentation. When we do have a specific topic to cover, we will be announcing it via this blog. Look forward to seeing you on the show.

By Sean Schroeder
New Documentation Released - Programmer's Guide to Mura CMS

We've just completed the first draft of a new round of documentation for programmers looking to get the most out of Mura CMS. In it, we cover topics like using the Mura Tag, the Mura event model, the new Mura Scope, extending base Mura types, creating Mura plugins, and much more.

By Malcolm O'Keeffe
This Week's Mura Show - Taking a Design from Adobe Illustrator to a Mura Theme

This week will mark a milestone for the Mura Show. We'll have a guest presenter, designer Ronnie Duke from Mod Media. Like myself, Ronnie is not a CFML programmer and will be walking through the process of taking a design in Adobe Illustrator to creating a new theme for use in Mura.

By Sean Schroeder
Integrating an Application without a Front-End Controller into Mura CMS

In the past, integrating third-party or existing applications into Mura has always been possible, but only if your application had a front end controller (e.g. written in FuseBox/Model Glue/Mach II/etc). Due to recent changes, it's it is now possible to integrate an existing ColdFusion/CFML application without a front-end controller into Mura CMS.

By Matt Levine
Mura Show - - Part 8

This week we'll pick up where we left off on integrating Charlie's UGTV application into Mura CMS, except this week, we'll turn it into plugin!

By Sean Schroeder
New "Powered by Mura" Badges

We've posted  a couple different "Powered by Mura" images and code snippets for those who want to fly their Mura CMS flag on their site. There are two variations, each with a light and dark background option. Enjoy!

By Sean Schroeder
Mura Show - - Part 7

This week we take a look at integrating an existing UGTV application in Charlie's site. There are a few ways to do this in Mura CMS, we'll decide which will be the best fit and see what we can do to bring into Charlie's new Mura site.

By Sean Schroeder
Mura Show - - Part 6

This week we finally begin making Charlie's site, look like Charlie's site and begin integrating his current templates and CSS into his new Mura site.

By Sean Schroeder
Mura Show - - Part 5

This week, we pick up with our conversion of by taking on Charlie's CF411 section of his site ( Because of the comprehensiveness of this collection of ColdFusion and CFML resources, this should prove to be an interesting topic.

By Sean Schroeder
Current Event Hooks

Someone recently asked for a complete list of available events in Mura. We're currently trying to find time to write more detailed documentation that gives specific information about each event. However, until then I thought that I would at least post this list of currently available events to let explore.

By Matt Levine
CFObjective 2010 Pre-Conference Training

Entitled "A Programmers Guide to Mura CMS", this is a one day training covering several different aspects of working with Mura CMS as a CFML developer.

Mura Show - Episode 8

This week we'll be discussing Mura v5.2, digging into some of the new features and showing examples of what you can do. We'll pick up where we left off on converting to Mura CMS next week.

By Sean Schroeder
Introducing the Mura Scope

A simple and fast syntax for accessing Mura CMS data and objects

By The Mura Team
Mura 5.2 is live

For all those waiting for Mura v5.2 to arrive, wait no more! We are pleased to announce that Mura v5.2 is now available for download and for automatic updates.

By Mura Team
Today's Mura Show - Part 4

Today we begin Part 4 of converting Charlie Arehart's to Mura CMS. We'll begin breaking the Articles, Presentations and CF411 sections into a more structured architecture, allowing increased usability and functionality.

By Sean Schroeder
The Coldspring Plugin and what it can do for you!

For a while now we have been keeping a nifty little plugin in plain site, yet hidden away. This is our Coldspring plugin. It's been living the lonely life within our Plugins & Events page just waiting for the day to get out and show the world what it can do. Well in this blog post we are going to give that opportunity.

By Pat Santora
New Plugin: Google Analytics

Just this last weekend I was working on a Mura project and needed to hook into Google Analytics to get some metrics. So l did what any normal red blooded developer would do. Create a new account with Google Analytics, copy the Analytics js code that Google provides you and paste it into my Mura template right above the </body> tag. Very simple.

By Pat Santora