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How to use Extended Attributes/SubType
By Pat Santora
Mura Show - - Part 3

Last week, we didn't get as far along as we had hoped but we did cover a ton of information on deploying a new site. We did, however, begin the site build-out process, laying the groundwork for this week's episode.

By Sean Schroeder
getBean() Part 1: Mura Simplicity

If you have been following our blog you know that we have been working rigorously on Mura 5.2. Very exciting stuff - we're introducing lots of new features and capabilities.

By Pat Santora
Mura Show - - Part 2

Last week, we began our series converting Charlie Arehart's, to a Mura CMS-based site, covering the installation process. This week, we'll begin building out Charlie's site, discussing the finer points of content creation and site architecture.

By Sean Schroeder
How to dynamically create Extended Attributes/SubTypes

Over the last six months, I've been working on numerous projects that require me to work with extended attributes in Mura CMS. While it's easy to create them manually, creating them programatically provides even more functionality and flexibility.

By Pat Santora
Mura Show - Converting to Mura CMS

This week's episode is going to be the first in a series in which we convert ColdFusion Community Leader, Charlie Arehart's site ( to Mura CMS. Charlie will be joining us, peppering us with questions as we tackle this soup-to-nuts conversion.

By Sean Schroeder
Mura Show Recap & Tomorrow's Topic

We're officially in full swing with The Mura Show with two episodes in the can now. We've gotten a great response and it's been a lot of fun sharing our knowledge with the Mura community. In this post, I break down what's been covered and talk about what we'll cover in tomorrow's show.

By Sean Schroeder
Mura v5.2

Since the name change from Sava CMS to Mura CMS, effectively the release of Mura CMS 5.1, a lot has gone into making Mura more useful, more usable and more flexible. Today, we're announcing Mura CMS 5.2 to consolidate those improvements with a few new ones, including the first step in migrating the Mura admin from the Fusebox framework to Sean Corfield's FW/1.

By Sean Schroeder
The Mura Show

On December 16th at 1:00 PST, we will launch our weekly live Webinar - The Mura Show - to do as much pointing and 'splaining as we can in about an hour. Sean and Matt will be covering topics suggested by the Mura Community, questions from the forum, current development efforts, and anything else people want to talk about regarding Mura CMS. Here's the URL:

By Sean Schroeder
Mapping Events in Mura

I recently added a new way to map events in Mura.  You can now simply directly add objects with the new application.pluginManager.addEventHandler() method

By Matt Levine
Mura CMS XSS Vulnerability Fix

Some XSS vulnerabilities were recently uncovered in Mura. We highly recommend that you updates a few things in your current Mura installs.

By Matt Levine
Customizing Default Output

Recently in the forum someone asked how they could change the default portal output for their news section.  I thought I should post my response here to highlight some important information about how to customize Standard Mura output without editing the main display files.

By Matt Levine
New Content Iterators and More...

We recently added a few api enhancements for programatically working with content in Mura. With the new content iterators and new improved bean methods we were able to  make managing content and users simpler.

By Matt Levine
New Remote Connector Plugin

A simple way to connect Mura to existing applications.

By Matt Levine
How to: Display content in another page

Taking the content from one page and displaying on another can be a very useful tool.  Read on to see the code.

By Eddie Ballisty
Whither CAPTCHA, Enter CFFormProtect

We've been looking to replace, or least offer an alternative to, the current CAPTCHA in Mura. After some research, we've decided to use Jake Munson's excellent CFFormProtect.

By Sean Schroeder
Removing the SiteID from URLs in Mura

This is a request that comes up over and over again so I thought that I would blog about how to remove the siteID directory from the URLs that are generated by Mura. This process will probably be a quick little toggle in the admin at some point, but for now here are the steps.

By Matt Levine
Mura FCKEditor Vulnerability Hotfix

There has been a reported vulnerability in FCKEditor's ColdFusion connector. Mura does not use the exact same connector; however, we highly recommend that all Mura/Sava installs upgrade to the latest version of two specific files.

This is especially important if you are running Mura on IIS and Windows. 

By Blue River Interactive Group
Mura CMS East Coast Tour

We'll be heading out to the East Coast from 7/13-7/16 to present "Mura CMS: What's in it for me?" at a handful of User Groups. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Mura from its' primary developers. We hope to see you there!

By Sean Schroeder
Online ColdFusion Meetup Presentation

This Thursday, June 11th, we'll be doing a presentation for the Online ColdFusion Meetup entitled "Mura CMS: What's In It For Me?" The presentation starts at 6:00PM EST.

By Sean Schroeder