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Developer Documentation

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally posted some documentation on how to interact with Mura to extend existing functionality, integrate existing applications, or create new ones. Topics covered include: The Mura API, The Class Extension Manager, Using CFML directly, the [mura ] Tag, as well as some prelimary Plug-In documentation. We've also put together some application flow charts.

By Sean Schroeder
Mura Updates

We've been hard at work, improving Mura (formerly Sava CMS) and have updates to announce, some completed, some in-progress. Highlights include more robust caching, FCK Editor Update, and Rich Text Editing for extended attributes.

By Matt Levine
Sava CMS Has a New Name - Mura CMS

Due to a trademark challenge from another software company (who we're not going to name here) we've been encouraged by our lawyers to change the name of Sava CMS. After much discussion and debate, we've decided to change to the name Mura CMS.

By Malcolm O'Keeffe
How to choose a CMS (and why you should consider Sava CMS)

We're proud to announce that the University of British Columbia has chosen Sava CMS as their new CMS platform. You can check out their blog post about why they chose Sava CMS, but this quote sums it up: "We surveyed dozens of content management systems, and Sava was the only one that met all our requirements."

By Malcolm O'Keeffe
Other bloggers call Sava CMS "fabulous" and "the future"

We don't want to get all Sally Fields about it, but it's really great to hear some of the recent compliments from the community. Sava CMS recently received high praise on a couple different blogs - one of which went so far as to declare Sava CMS to be "the future". Wow.

By Malcolm O'Keeffe
Request for Ideas
We came across this post today by Hal Helms requesting ideas for a new CFML community project and thought it would be a great place to submit ideas from the Sava community. Since any application developed in a framework like fusebox, model glue, coldbox, etc. can be ported as a plug-in to Sava, a good idea from this post could be a great thing for the Sava community.
By Sean Schroeder
Updated Install and Set Up Documentation

A new section for Installation and Site Settings has been created in our online documentation. Up until now, installation documentation has only lived in the Sava download. We decided to add this to our online documentation and made a few important additions.

By Sean Schroeder
Upgrading a Sava Install, Transfer and ColdBox

I was asked a few questions about upgrading a Sava install, Transfer and ColdBox with Sava via email so I thought I'd simply make this a blog post, rather than just replying or posting in the forum.

By Matt Levine
Custom Objects in Mura

Although I only meant to cover how to use Mura's "addToHTMLHeadQueue" function to show you how to load javascript libraries, CSS or whatever else you may need on-the-fly, I ended up covering a lot of ground in the interest of providing something useful, a custom object that uses the aforementioned function and loads internal Mura content dynamically.

By Sean Schroeder
Mura CMS at CF United

While we've been wanting to make it out to CF United for the last few years, we've finally decided this is the year we would finally make it and made a commitment to become a sponsor. In addition, we'll be speaking at this event and are looking for topics that may be of interest to the community.

By Sean Schroeder
Has It Been 8 Months Already?

It's been 8 months since we released Sava as a free, open-source CMS and a lot has happened. The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, we've made a ton of tweaks to the codebase, added some key features, saw adoption by both Apple and Intel (among others), and a lot more.

By Sean Schroeder
Simpler Support Pricing

We're always trying to make things easier and simpler with Sava CMS, and we've recently updated our Support Pricing to follow the same principle.

By Malcolm O'Keeffe
Recent Sightings

Since launching Sava just about 8 weeks ago, we've received a fair amount of attention and so far, it's all been good. Here's a list of links to date.

By Sean Schroeder
Share Your Projects

What have you created with Sava CMS?

By Ryan Thompson
Bug Tracking Interface

Upon the request of many users in the Mura Community, we have set up a Bug Tracker.

By Sava Team
Security Update, Var Scoping, and More

It's been a very busy week here at Sava CMS. After putting out our press release about launching Sava, we were mentioned on Ben Forta's blog (and a few others), had a couple of security holes pointed out (which we fixed), and had Ray Camden also point out a couple of code-related issues (which we also addressed). Whew!

By Malcolm O'Keeffe
Four Months and Seven Years Ago...

During the dotcom bust of 2000, I decided to forgo job stability and start the business I'd always wanted -- a boutique web design shop that specialized in designing and developing useful websites. I also knew that Content Management was going to be a large part of it.

By Sean Schroeder