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Bug Tracking Interface

Upon the request of many users in the Mura Community, we have set up a Bug Tracker.

By Sava Team
Security Update, Var Scoping, and More

It's been a very busy week here at Sava CMS. After putting out our press release about launching Sava, we were mentioned on Ben Forta's blog (and a few others), had a couple of security holes pointed out (which we fixed), and had Ray Camden also point out a couple of code-related issues (which we also addressed). Whew!

By Malcolm O'Keeffe
Four Months and Seven Years Ago...

During the dotcom bust of 2000, I decided to forgo job stability and start the business I'd always wanted -- a boutique web design shop that specialized in designing and developing useful websites. I also knew that Content Management was going to be a large part of it.

By Sean Schroeder