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Announcing release of Mura CMS 6.2

We're happy to announce the immediate availability of Mura CMS version 6.2 for download and upgrade. Mura CMS 6.2 has some great new features including tons of improvements, key security enhancements and bugfixes. All Mura CMS users are encouraged to upgrade soon. 

New Features

  • Export/Import Content - from single pages to entire sections. With Mura CMS site bundles, you've long had the ability to import/export entire sites. Now you can import/export the content withing any site section with ease - just select the section you want, and you'll get a .zip archive with all the content ready for instant import into another Mura CMS site. 
  • Export/Import Class Extensions - class extensions allow you to create custom attributes for any Mura CMS object (content, users, etc.). Now you can export your class extensions from one site and import them into another, with no need to recreate custom attributes by hand.
  • Mura CMS JSON API (beta) - The JSON API allows Mura CMS to be the main content creation hub within an organization, and allows developers to build their front-end sites using pure JavaScript clients. For example, content from Mura CMS can be presented using Moustache templates, or content from one Mura site can be shown in another remotely via ajax, opening up a lot of new possibilities.  

Improvements to Existing Features: 

  • Improvements to User Management UI and functionality - no more "lost users"; it's much easier to find and keep track of all your site users/groups. 
  • Mura CMS Calendar now uses jQuery FullCalendar plugin by default
  • Updated CKEditor and CKFinder to latest versions, with new plugins
  • New CKEditor Maps Plugin using Leaflet for interactive maps and improved mobile support
  • New Media Embed options replace CKEditor's media plugin
  • Google ReCaptcha ("I am not a robot") added, can be installed for all or only selected sites
  • Mura Form Builder improvements including nested forms, allowing creation of complex forms with easy reuse of common sections

Security Enhancements: 

Based on feedback from some customers deploying Mura CMS in very high-security situations, we made many improvements to Mura CMS security features, including: 

  • New anti-XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) framework - improvements for improved defense against xss attacks 
  • Sitewide SSL support - easily run an entire Mura CMS support under SSL with https: prefix urls on all pages

Odds 'n' Ends: 

  • Most Mura display objects are now presented asynchronously via AJAX
  • Mura 6.2 adds support for the Lucee scripting language
  • Additionally, there's a new MuraEmber skunkworks project in github  - a proof of concept showing how to use Ember JS to get content remotely from a Mura CMS instance.
  • The Mura Advertising Manager has been deprecated, and does not ship with this release. If you have a site that uses the Advertising Manager, you can update to 6.2 and it will still work, but you may need to enable it in the settings.ini.cfm file.
  • If you have an old installation of Mura CMS (even if you've updated it recently), and you experience problems with forms after this update, you may need to manually update your index.cfm file in order to get the JSON API working correctly. Simply copy the contents of the file at into your existing Mura root index.cfm file and reload your Mura instance. 

Mura CMS 6.2 is available for download right now (and has been during the entire development cycle at GitHub), and of course you can use your Auto-Updater to update an existing Mura CMS install. 

Note: If you tested Mura 6.2 during the preview period, be sure to remove the "autoupdatemode=preview" setting in your settings.ini.cfm file! 

If you notice any issues, please post them on our Google Group or GitHub Bug Tracker (not as comments to this blog post, please!)