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Blue River to Become Investor in Railo Company

Blue River Interactive Group are proud to announce that we will be an investor in the new Railo Company. Railo's CFML engine (Railo Server) provides developers with a great toolkit for rapid development of websites and web applications, and powers thousands of Mura CMS sites world-wide. The new Railo Company will be comprised of the current Railo development and management team, with new investors and advisors, and will be focused on growing the adoption of Railo's fantastic CFML engine. 

We're also very pleased to be joining with a select group of other investors who are bringing global expertise and market reach to the new Railo Company. The other investors in the new Railo Company represent some of the biggest CFML development companies in Europe, and have incredible market reach and client bases:

  • Gruppo Tesi (Italy)
  • ActivBrowser (France)
  • PrismaIT (Holland)
  • TagNile (Finland)

Our investment in the Railo Company represents our confidence in the quality of the Railo product and development team. With new management expertise and financial stability, the Railo Company now has the resources needed to achieve significant growth in usage and revenue, and we're looking forward to playing a key role in this success story.

Of course, Mura CMS will continue to support all the main CFML engines; Railo, Adobe ColdFusion and OpenBD, and we will develop for maximum cross-platform compatiblity across all 3 engines. We believe that each of the 3 main CFML engines has an important and distinct role to play in the CFML ecosystem, and that it's crticial for Mura CMS to deploy and perform consistently on all 3.

We are tremendously excited about the prospects for the new Railo Company. We believe strongly that open-source CFML will continue to grow in importance and adoption as more developers and web professionals learn about the incredible productivity and performance offered by CFML.