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CFObjective 2010 Pre-Conference Training

Programmers Guide to Mura CMS by Matt Levine

April 21st, 2010

Pre-Conference Training at CFObjective - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Course Description

This one day, hands-on training will cover several different aspects of working with Mura CMS as a developer. We'll cover:

  • Programmatically working with content in Mura CMS
  • Working with Mura CMS objects
  • Understanding the Mura CMS event model
  • Integrating Existing or 3rd Party Applications
  • Building Mura CMS Plugins
  • Extending and customizing Mura CMS while staying on the upgrade path

If you're looking for way to learn how to do more, in less time with Mura CMS, this is a great way to get ramped up quickly.

Number of days: 1
Maximum number of students: 20
Price: $500


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About Matt Levine

Lead Developer and Architect of Mura CMS/Blue River Interactive Group CTO/Partner

Matt is the architect of and lead developer of Mura CMS. Matt's expertise lies in best-practice, object-oriented programming. He leads the technology team at Blue River as CTO, blending a pragmatic approach with robust, scalable frameworks to create top solutions for Blue River clients such Apple, Intel, CSX, VTech, and others.