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CF.Objective() 2011 Pre-Conference Training Announced

We'll be doing another pre-conference training this year at CF.Objective 2011, May 10th & 11th in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It will be two days of training entitled "The Programmers Guide to Mura CMS" and will cover everything you need to know get started in using, extending and integrating Mura as a programmer. If you're looking to dig deep into Mura, this is a great opportunity to get under the hood and learn how easy it is to make things happen in Mura.

Programmers Guide to Mura CMS

May 10th-11th, 2011

Pre-Conference Training at CF.Objective() - Minneapolis, Minnesota


This two-day training will cover several different aspects of working with Mura CMS as a back-end developer. We'll cover:

  • Programmatically working with content in Mura CMS
  • Working with Mura CMS objects
  • Understanding the Mura CMS event model
  • Integrating Existing or 3rd Party Applications
  • Building Mura CMS Plugins
  • Extending and customizing Mura CMS while staying on the upgrade path

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