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ColdFusion Developer Wanted - Full-Time or Contract

Blue River Interactive Group is looking for a solid ColdFusion programmer.

We’re working on a range of interesting ColdFusion-focused projects, from product development (Sava CMS) to Web application development, and need someone with a dedication to quality and innovative solutions.

Qualified candidates for the position will have:

  • An understanding of object-oriented programming
  • An understanding of frameworks like Fusebox, Model-Glue, Reactor, etc. and MVC architecture
  • Good database design/modeling skills
  • AJAX/JavaScript chops
  • Server admin skills would be nice, but not necessary

In addition to the technical skills above, we’re focused on working with people who share our desire to do great work. You should have a serious attention to detail, be a good communicator (at least about project-related issues) and be reliable and pleasant to work with. This is a full-time, salaried position at our office in Sacramento, CA but we're open to freelancers/telecommuters if you're the right person.

If interested, please submit your resumé.