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Mura Show - Converting to Mura CMS

This week's episode is going to be the first in a series in which we convert ColdFusion Community Leader, Charlie Arehart's site ( to Mura CMS. Charlie will be joining us, peppering us with questions as we tackle this soup-to-nuts conversion.

To give you a little background, Charlie approached us a few weeks ago because he was interested in learning whether or not Mura CMS would help improve his current site and wanted to know if we would mind chatting with him for a few minutes to explore the idea a bit. We, of course, said we'd be happy to. During the course of the conversation, it became clear that not only would Mura improve his current site but that it could be done pretty easily with all the built-in features Mura offers. I thought this would be a great opportunity to share a lot of Mura knowledge in way that only a use case can provide and suggested it as a Mura Show topic. Fortunately, Charlie agreed.

Beginning tomorrow, we'll begin the process of converting site from a combination of static and dynamic content to one driven primarily by Mura CMS. Here's an initial outline of what we'll be covering. Specific topics are subject to change.

  • Review with Charlie, discussing requirements and goals, and how Mura might address them
  • Install Mura into his Windows-based environment and complete site set up
  • Build out site architecture and functionality
  • Accommodate as much customization and application integration as possible before we move into template integration
  • Visual design and template integration
  • Final tweaks and looping back on anything we've pushed back

As you can see, we'll be covering significant ground and I'm positive even experienced Mura developers will learn some things. In fact, I'm not even sure how long this will take (Charlie has a pretty long list), but my estimate is about 4 episodes (although it wouldn't surprise me if it goes longer).

We're looking forward to getting started, see you tomorrow!

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