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Developer Documentation

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally posted some documentation on how to interact with Mura to extend existing functionality, integrate existing applications, or create new ones.

We're starting with overviews on:

  • The Mura API
  • The Class Extension Manager
  • Using CFML directly in Mura
  • The [mura ] Tag
  • Plug-Ins

We've also put together some flow charts to illustrate the main Mura flows, Site flows and Plug-In flows.

This is just a start and we'll continue to add to this by going into more detail on each, showing more examples, bringing over some great info from the forum and releasing more how-to's via our blog. We're always interested in feedback, so if anything needs clarification or seems like it could use more specific information, please let us know. Your input will go a long way to help us focus on what's important to the Mura community.

You can find all of this new information on the Back-End Developer Guide landing page. We hope you find this helpful.