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Envato's Most Wanted - Mura CMS Themes

April 30, 2015 by Ronnie Duke

We've partnered with Envato to launch a new Envato's Most Wanted campaign to generate new themes for Mura CMS. Here's the breakdown of prizes:

Best Item Prizes:

  • $500: Best Creative Theme
  • $500: Best Business/Corporate Theme
  • $500: Best Blog/Magazine Theme
  • $500: Best Non-Profit/Religous Theme
  • $500: Best Entertainment Theme
  • $500: Best Technology Theme
  • $500: Best Education Theme
  • $500: Best _____________ Theme

Bonus Prizes:

We are also offering the following bonus prizes! Submit a new or update an existing theme to have a chance at winning the following cash prizes:

  • $2,500: Best Overall Mura Theme
  • $2,000: Most Submitted/Approved
  • $1,500: Best Converted Theme (from existing item)

This means a single item is eligible to win 1 Best Category prize, Best Overall, and Best Converted Theme bonus prizes worth $4,500!

An author is eligible to win 2 Best Category prizes, Best Overall, Most Submitted/Approved, and Best Converted Theme bonus prizes worth $7,000!

If you're interested in participating in the contest, head over to Theme Forest to check out the full contest details, and everything you need to get started. 

We are really excited for this promotion and to see a lot of fresh themes for Mura!