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Exporting and Importing Class Extensions and Extended Attributes [Video]

April 23, 2015 by Michael Evangelista

One of the more robust back-end enhancements in Mura CMS version 6.2 is the Export and Import Class Extensions feature set, which has automated the process of transferring Class Extensions and Extended Attributes from one Mura site to another. In this video demonstration, we take a look at the overall Class Extension management system in Mura, with a few basic examples of these features put to use.

Automate Extended Classes and Attributes

In Mura CMS, the default content types such as Folders, Pages, Galleries, Images and Links can be extended to provide additional ways of managing and manipulating the content. These extended data types or "classes" can created and managed directly in the Mura CMS Site Manager, where extended attributes can be added to hold any imaginable sort of custom data attached to any type of content. 

While Mura makes this exceedingly easy using the built-in administration tools, there are still a few steps involved, and complex data structures can take some time to create. But now, once a class extension definition has been created in any Mura site, along with any number of custom extended attributes, it can be used and reused with just a few clicks.

Export, Edit, Import Again

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach,  writing or manipulating class extensions directly XML code, or for plugin developers looking to extend the standard Mura CMS data structure, these new features are valuable not only for replicating existing class and attribute definitions, but also for creating new ones. Simply export a Class Extension similar to the one being created, open up the XML and alter or add to your heart's content. As long as the basic XML syntax is followed, the file can be imported again after editing, and the new content types and subtypes will be immediately available.  

Setup Simplified

Whether creating complex Mura CMS Plugins or looking to save a few steps when setting up a new site, these new features are a solid addition to any Mura developer's toolkit. All of the standard systems for managing and creating Class Extensions are still in place, and work as well as ever. But with these new additions to Mura CMS 6.2, customizing the perfect data structure and creating the perfect tools to maintain the site's content is now faster and easier than ever.

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