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Exporting and Importing Content with Mura CMS [Video]

April 21, 2015 by Michael Evangelista

In this 10 minute video demonstration, we explore one of the most versatile new features in Mura CMS 6.2, transferring content from one Mura site to another using the new Export Content and Import Content options in the Mura CMS site manager.

A New Way to Replicate Content

While Mura's Site Bundles feature allows for the duplication and export of entire Mura sites complete with design elements and display templates, the new Export/Import Content feature set provides a way to copy just the content itself. This includes all of the attributes, even extended attributes (which we will explore in another video), for a seamless duplication or merging of folders, pages and other Mura content between sites, or even between installations.

Transfer any Part of the Site

This new system provides granular control, exporting a single page or entire sections of the Mura content structure with just a few easy steps. We'll take a look at these options and some of the ways they can be put to use, merging the contents of two collections of articles or blog posts, and duplicating an entire photo gallery with just a few clicks.

What This Means for Developers

Less work. More content. Better results.

Imagine a scenario where developers and content editors could work together, from separate local or individual Mura installations. Content updated in a local instance? Simply update the content and import it into the development site.
Want to combine the contents of more than one Mura site, such as a collection of Catalog Items, or a News or Blog section? Just export the child content from the existing folder, and import it directly into the similar folder on the other site.

Unlock the Layers

Since the design of any Mura CMS site is independent of the content, the sites don't have to look anything alike to seamlessly transfer the content from one to the other, without no extra steps required. For a quick way to safely preview theme or design changes, this can be used to duplicate live content into a development site in the same Mura instance, or to any other Mura 6.2 site, anywhere. 

This allows for a lot of flexibility in workflow, and in maintenance of any site buit with Mura CMS going forward. In addition to Mura's robust version tracking, permissions and publication scheduling features, these new automated content transfer options give any developer, site manager or content creator an extra helping hand.

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