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Four Big Announcements for Mura CMS

As we've been promising on the Mura Show over the last few weeks, we have three big announcements to make today. This year has already shaped up to be a big one with the release of Mura 5.4, our first U.K. training and the announcement of MuraCon, the first ever Mura CMS users conference, but we're not going to stop there...We actually have FOUR announcements to make.

Blue River/Mura CMS Europe

While we've been providing support, services and consulting for the Mura CMS community since launching Mura as an open source product just over three years ago (including our first UK training this year), we're proud to announce we'll now be doing it from a new European base of operations in London, England.

This is great news for the Mura CMS community in Europe as we'll be able to provide Mura CMS consulting, support and services without the challenge of working across multiple time-zones. This will enable us to provide face-to-face service for Mura consulting and development projects as well as trainings, both on-site and off, not to mention the ability to double our support availability hours for all support contracts.

What's more, we'll be doing this very, very soon. Business operations are scheduled to begin July 1st, 2011.

Contact us to learn more about Mura CMS support and services in Europe

Grant Shepert Joins Blue River

If you've been active in the Mura CMS community at all over the last few years, the name Grant Shepert will be a familiar one. Grant was one of the earliest adopters of Mura CMS (if not the earliest!) and has spent the last few years developing plugins and consulting for Mura CMS as the founder of Meld Solutions. His contributions include Meld Forums, Meld Gallery, Meld miniCommerce, a Google SiteMaps plugin and several others.

However, beginning July 1st, Grant will play a new role in the Mura CMS community as the head of our new European office based in London, England. Grant knows Mura CMS as few do and his presence in Europe will provide exceptional access to support and services for Mura CMS. We're very, very excited to say the least.

Welcome to the team, Grant!!!

Mura CMS Installers

One of the great things about being an open source project/product is the contributions we receive from our community. We've received many valuable contributions both from businesses that sponsor new features, as well as community members who donate their time to help move Mura forward. Because of the contributions of Mura community member, Bilal Soylu, we are pleased to announce we now have installers for both OS X and Windows.

The installers will detect whether you have ColdFusion, Railo or OpenBD running and allow you to install Mura CMS in the location of your choice. In the event you don't have any of these installed and running, or simply would like to have a separate installation, the Mura CMS installer will install Railo on Tomcat with Mura (also in the location of your choosing).

The only requirement is that you have access to one of the supported databases for Mura CMS (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle 10g+). You don't even have to create a database or DSN. The installer (and now, Mura itself) will handle that for you. Installing Mura took just a few minutes before, now it takes even less!

Download the Mura Installer

Mura Shared Hosting

One of the top requests over the years is a recommendation for shared hosting for Mura CMS. And we couldn't be more happy we now have a resounding answer for that question:

Starting today, we are now offering Mura CMS Shared Hosting at

We've partnered with GoWest Hosting to provide high performance, shared hosting from the people that know Mura CMS best — us! GoWest has been providing hosting services for the ColdFusion/CFML community for the last decade and have a track record of providing service that is second to none. We've worked closely with them to create a shared hosting solution that simplifies deploying and maintaining sites in Mura CMS. is a great solution for small business, blogs, non-profits, freelance projects, personal sites, and much, much more.

Learn More about Mura Shared Hosting

What's next?

The first half of 2011 has seen some great things so far and while we can't say we'll be keeping up this pace, we can say that there is definitely more in store. Here's to the second half of 2011...see you at MuraCon!