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Gartner Releases Report Praising ColdFusion

Adobe's Kristin Schofield just posted in her blog that  Mark Driver, a Gartner analyst, released a note on ColdFusion which recommends that "...agencies and companies continue their investment in CF, as it has a strong future with Adobe and is continuing to grow its market."

This confirms what ColdFusion developers have known all along, that ColdFusion " unmatched by any competitor for ease of use and technical capabilities." With Railo (and OpenBD) as exciting open-source options, it's a great time indeed to be a CFML developer. It's nice to see CFML getting its due.

Kristin has some great quotes from Driver's note in her post. You can find it here:

Although you have to pay to read it, here's the link to the Gartner Report: