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GitHub, 4 New Plugins, Special Mura Show Today

We're pleased to announce we've begun adding all of our open-source Mura CMS plugins to Git Hub for your forking pleasure. And, in order to show you how to begin taking advantage of all the benefits this has, we're having a special Mura Show today: Git for Mura CMS Developers by Mura community member, David Long.

In addition, we're also releasing 4 new plugins today: MuraSolr, MuraProfile, MuraUserBridge, and MuraVoice. 

Blue River Mura CMS Plugins now available on GitHub


  • MuraSolr - The MuraSolr plugin uses Apache Solr for the search engine, which provides the ability to search within the body of documents (not just the meta data and  title/description). Requires ColdFusion 9 or Railo 3.2 and up.
  • MuraProfile - The Mura Profile plugin provides a simple profile page for each site member, and provides the ability for site members to create and submit content. This plugin can be used as the kernel for creating rich social experiences on a Mura CMS site. 
  • MuraUserBridge - The MuraUserBridge plugin contains example code for authenticating MuraCMS users against an external user repository (for example your company's Active Directory). 
  • MuraLinkChecker - The MuraLinkChecker plugin checks the links in a Mura CMS site, and provides a report of any missing/broken links.
  • MuraTranslations - Formerly called Locale Translation Manager, this plugin provides the ability to publish multiple language versions of your site. 
  • MuraVoice - Similar in concept to UserVoice, this plugin provides the ability for users to create topics, and vote on them.
  • More-dspObjects - A fork of Dave Long's original plugin, this contains a few useful add-ons, including Calendar Jump, Search Section, and Page Tools
  • MuraFW1 - An example plugin - a great starting point for building Mura CMS plugins, using Sean Corfield's excellent FW/1 framework. 
  • MuraGoogleMaps -  A plugin for Mura CMS to create and manage Google maps

In addition to the plugins we've created, there are a number of excellent 3rd-party plugins available on GitHub, including MobileMura, Slatwall eCommerce, ColdBox Plugin, and many many more. 

Mura Show: Git for Mura CMS Developers

Today we have a special presentation by Mura Community member David Long. David will show us how to take advantage of all that GitHub (and Git) has to offer as a Mura CMS Developer. He'll be covering the following:

What is Git

  • What makes it different from SVN and other version control
  • Offline committing!

Different Git hosts

  • GitHub
  • Open source abilities
  • Issue tracking and wiki
  • UnFuddle
    • Pay per project, not repo
    • Issues, Messages, Notebook
  • Beanstalk
    • Deploy to server with SFTP and FTP
  • Self hosted
    • Completely customizable

Desktop tools

  • Gitti (Mac)
  • Smartgit (Win)
  • Terminal / Command Line (Win, Mac, *Nix)

Creating an ssh key

  • Setting up multiple keys

Creating a repository

Branching and Tagging

  • Useful arguments
  • When to use each one

Merging branches

Pull code changes

  • Pulling down to the local repo
  • Pulling into the public repo (GitHub)

The Mura Show begins at 1:00PM US PDT today, April 27th at