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Has It Been 8 Months Already?

It's been 8 months since we released Sava as a free, open-source CMS and a lot has happened (to say the least).

From refining and adding features, to seeing adoption by a couple of the world's best known brands (Apple and Intel), to responding to the many support requests in the forum, to making lemonade, we've been keeping busy and have some significant plans moving forward. Below is an overview of where we've been and where we're going in the short and long term.

New Additions

We've enjoyed a great response from community and their support and interaction has helped move Sava forward at a breakneck pace. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to post or answer a question, or offer feedback and suggestions.

Three Big Ones

  • JQuery Support
  • Localization of Sava Admin (German is the only language contributed so far, hoping to find contributors for French, Italian and Spanish or any other language that would like to be contributed)
  • Oracle Support - Sava CMS now runs on Oracle 10G (in addition to MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server)

...and a few others

  • Expanded "Permissions" to "Site Members"
  • User Tools can now be cookie or session-based, eliminating the need for users to create an account to use them
  • Added the ability to associate a specific image with specific content, with 3 sizes being created for different purposes
  • Improved Photo Galleries (added multi-file upload, improved commenting, rating)
  • A ton of smaller updates, refinements and fixes

Also, although this is not a Sava feature, it's very cool...The fine folks at Railo have created an Amazon EC2 image with Sava pre-installed to run on the newly open-sourced (and free!) Railo 3.0 CFML application server. Read about it or view it in action!

Recent Adoptions

We're happy to announce that internal groups at both Apple and Intel have chosen Sava (and Blue River Professional Services) for recent deployments. In addition, we're happy to say that Railo, City of Greater Sudbury, City of Columbia (South Carolina), University of British Columbia, California Walnut Board, California Bank and Trust, Orangepiel, and many others have all chosen Sava as well (not all of these sites have launched yet, we'll post in our blog when they do).

Even more deployments by the Sava community can be found here. If yours is missing, we'd love to see it.

In the Works

Sava Themes

We're hard at work designing and developing a handful of themes and hope to have them available the first of the year. We'll be offering one theme for free and will be offering a few more (to start with) in the forthcoming Sava Marketplace.

Sava Marketplace

There's a been a lot of buzz about how easy it is to integrate other CFML applications into Sava so we decided to offer a place where you'll be able buy and sell applications and themes that integrate with Sava. Got an app you want to sell there? Contact Us.

Sava Plug-in Manager

A Marketplace wouldn't be of much use to anyone but us if we didn't provide a seamless way to integrate applications with Sava so we'll be rolling out the Sava Plug-In Manager in the very near future. The alpha version is already in our subversion repository if you want to take a peek, but we'll be finishing that up ASAP.

Sava Intranet Edition

We'll be releasing a Sava Intranet Edition that will include Document Management and Project Management/Collaboration tools and will be available for purchase in the Sava Marketplace.

Updated Documentation

Thanks to great questions from the active user community in the Sava support forum, we've been documenting a lot more Sava functionality. We're currently in the process of combing through the Support Forum and cleaning up, sorting and categorizing everything that's there. Once complete, we'll be adding screenshots and screencasts to show you how to get the most out of Sava.

Regular Blog Posts

Starting with this post, we'll be looking to get Sava tips and tricks out as quickly as we can. We'll also be sharing what we're thinking, reading and discussing here at Blue River. If you have any requests or suggestions for possible topics, let us know. First in the queue will be a breakdown on Sava JQuery Support.

Road Map

While we can't say when any of these will be complete (or even started), we'd like to give you an idea of where we think Sava might go. If you have something you'd like to suggest, please post it here.

  • Continued Internationalization/Muli-Lingual Support
  • More Robust Form Creation
  • Advertising Manager Wizard
  • Easier and More Robust Email Campaign Creation
  • Sava as a Service
  • Sava Social (Social Networking Plug-In)
  • Open Blue Dragon Support
  • Continued UI Enhancements
  • Sava Marketplace (see above for a bit more info)

It's been a great, and very busy 8 months since we launched Sava CMS. We've been very encouraged by the feedback we've gotten from the community (even the critical feedback has been very useful), and we're very excited about what we have planned for the next year. Thanks to everyone who's using Sava CMS, and be sure to stick around - we're just getting started...

- Sean Schroeder