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How to choose a CMS (and why you should consider Sava CMS)

We're proud to announce that the University of British Columbia, after a very thorough CMS search and review process has chosen Sava CMS as their new CMS platform. The Communications team at UBC had a very specific set of criteria, ranging from ease of use and support for Web 2.0 functionality to more technical considerations. After evaluating their options, including both commercial and open-source CMSs, they decided that Sava CMS was the best of the bunch. You can check out their blog post about what they were looking for, and why they chose Sava CMS for more insight, but their decision can be summed up in this quote: "We surveyed dozens of content management systems, and Sava was the only one that met all our requirements."

We're delighted to have Sava CMS chosen by such a great organization, and also to be working with UBC to support their project. In order to get the most value our of their use of Sava CMS, they've engaged us to convert some existing site layouts to Sava CMS templates, and to develop some customizations to Sava CMS that add support for the EditLive! rich text editor (as an alternative to the default FCKEditor that ships with Sava CMS).

If you're currently evaluating your CMS options, we'd like to encourage you to see why UBC likes Sava CMS so much. You can check out Sava CMS with a free download - the Sava Express version will even run right on your desktop to give you a quick sense of just how easy Sava CMS is to work with. We're confident that you'll likely find that Sava CMS is a great fit for your organization too. If you have any questions about Sava CMS, please get in touch with us and we'll do our best to get you quick and thorough answers.


- Malcolm O'Keeffe
Blue RIver Interactive Group