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Mura 5.2 is live

For all those waiting for Mura v5.2 to arrive, wait no more! We are pleased to announce that Mura v5.2 is now available for download and for automatic updates.

This release of Mura CMS is focused largely on adding new features and functionality for programmers, providing much more power and configurability. We've also made some great usability improvements, continuing with our focus on making things as fast and easy in Mura CMS as possible. Here's a quick look at the key updates:

  • Improved Front-End Editing - direct access for components, forms, local content indexes and more
  • Copy All/Delete All in the Site Manager - copy/paste entire sections of your site, and delete entire sections in one click
  • Site Copy - make an exact copy of an existing site, content and all
  • Improved Caching - Under the hood soft reference caching greatly improves overall site performance
  • H1/H2 Toggle - Switch page heading markup for your preferred SEO approach
  • NEW Admin Framework - We're switching to Sean Corfield’s FW/1 (away from FuseBox) to improve performance
  • Improved Plugin API - Now plugins have access to mappings, load priority, display options, and more
  • New Content Iterator - This provides a powerful approach to looping over multiple records and accessing deep core record data such as extended attributes
  • New Event Hooks - Many new event hooks to allow extensive customization
  • Bean Hooks: Save, Delete, Extended Attributes - All beans can now load, save and delete themselves (remove record from the database) and attributes have never been easier to reference
  • Remote Proxy - Our first outing of the Mura remote proxy which will give developers the ability to dictate mura records from remote applications
  • Simpler Mura CMS Syntax - A unified and greatly simplified syntax for accessing Mura CMS properties and data points
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements - Of course, we've added dozens of bug fixes and performance enhancements along the way

We know this list is short and sweet, but we wanted to get v5.2 out as quickly as possible (unfortunately, this means that documentation is currently limited). Over the next few weeks, we'll be detailing each of these features in blogs and documentation. In the meantime we encourage you to download/update to the newest version.

Thank you,
Team Mura