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Mura 5.5 Released

Blue River Interactive Group is proud to announce that Mura CMS 5.5 is now available. This is another important release for the Mura CMS platform that adds some great usability and productivity features to Mura CMS and also sets the stage for some very cool features and enhancements in upcoming releases.

Some highlights of Mura CMS 5.5 include...

  • New Form Builder Easily create forms with a drag-and-drop interface - no need to write a single line of code.
  • Site Manager Enhancements Easily update page (and file, etc.) template assignments, display rules and more directly from the Site Manager view, and expand/contract site structure views dynamically 
  • Display Object Configurator Customize and configure individual instances of objects (Local Content Indexes, Portals, Galleries and more) with specific options via a new drag-and-drop interface. You can decide which attributes to display/hide (Title, Summary, Image, Body, Comments, etc.), and in what order they should be displayed on a per-object basis. 
  • Custom image sizes in Local Indexes and Portals  You can specify custom image sizes on a "per-instance" basis for Local Indexes, Portals, and Galleries, and Mura CMS will dynamically resize the images for you from your original high-resolution upload. If you ever update the custom size, Mura CMS will resize all included images again. 
  • New ability to assign one layout template on a node and a separate template for all its children
  • Dynamically expand/contract Category Display in specific admin screens
  • Updated Local Indexes to allow inclusion of nodes that are set to not be included in navigation
  • Performance Enhancements
  • jQuery UI & jQuery Mobile Updates
  • Added CFStatic for Themes: Automatic minification of CSS and JavaScript files, CSS and JavaScript file concatenation with dependencies, Less CSS support and more!
  • Mura Stack Trace: Added an option to output the Mura CMS stack trace for developers, so you can easily see all files/events being fired on a given page
  • Default Merced theme now HTML 5
  • New License Revised to further clarify the fact that third-party developers can distribute themes and plugins under their preferred license
  • CKFinder and CKEditor updates (iOS 5 Support)
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • CFMX 7 support has been dropped - As of 5.5 Mura CMS does not support CFMX 7. Do not update your version of Mura beyond version 5.4. It WILL blow up.

Video Demos

Form Builder



Site Manager Enhancements



Display Object Configurator & Custom Image Sizes



Updating to Mura 5.5

To update your Mura install to this preview release, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Site Settings > Global Settings
  2. Click "Update Core Files to Latest Version"
  3. Wait patiently....there are a LOT of files to update
  4. Go to Site Settings > Edit Current Site and click "Update Site Files to Latest Version" OR manually update the following directories: "/[siteID]/includes/display_objects/formbuilder/" and "/[siteID]/includes/data_collection/index.cfm"
  5. Reload Mura
  6. Enjoy Mura 5.5

Alternatively, if you'd like to deploy a new instance of Mura 5.5, you can download it from GitHub or download the installer from our Downloads page.

Important! If you've updated to the preview release you must roll back your settings.ini.cfm to make sure "autoupdatemode=default".

If you notice any issues, please post them on our GitHub Bug Tracker.

To reiterate, CFMX 7 support has been dropped - As of 5.5 Mura CMS does not support CFMX 7 and some functionality will not function as expected on this deprecated platform. Do not update your version of Mura CMS beyond version 5.4. It WILL blow up.