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Mura CMS 5.4 Available!

The newest major version of Mura CMS is final, and currently available for download and one-click upgrades. We're very excited to announce new features such as:

  • Change Sets - Mura CMS admin users can now publish groups of changes all at once and can also preview all items in a Change Set as if they are all live prior to publishing.
  • Import/Export of Site Bundles - Site Bundles provide the ability to archive and restore entire sites, including all site content, theme, plugins, users and more. This one is huge!
  • New Mobile-Optimized Output - Mura CMS now contains built-in mobile device detection, and the ability to automatically switch your site's display to a mobile-optimized template. To make this as easy as possible, Mura CMS 5.4 includes a jQuery Mobile-based template; you can use this or roll your own as you like.
  • New Mura CMS Themes - We'll be launching with three new paid themes, and will be adding many more (both free and paid) over the next few months. Themes also now come with default bundles so you can have a fully-built out example site with your theme download.
  • Static HTML Export - You can now create a static HTML version of any Mura CMS site. This is great for highly-scalable content-driven sites where having full-page static rendering is important (think Craigslist-like sites, not Facebook).
  • Remote Session Object - Our remote connector plugin provided the ability to easily share session data with external applications. This proved so useful that we've integrated this functionality into the Mura core.
  • HTML Foot Queue - You can now dynamically add content or include files on an as-needed basis (much like HTML Head Queue, but in the footer).
  • HTML 5 Templates - The default theme that ships with Mura CMS (Merced) now contains HTML 5 (transitional) structures and code.
  • CKFinder - We've replaced the Mura CMS File Manager functionality with CKFinder - a much more robust and usable toolkit. CKFinder is also used in image uploads and other core Mura CMS areas.
  • Improved URL Filtering Options - You can now access cleaner and more human-readable URLS for Categories, Dates and Tags, as well as URL parameters for custom apps.
  • New Admin Design and Functionality - We've made some design updates to the Admin section and front-end editing toolbar (goodbye to the yellow bar), added lists of Recent Comments to the Dashboard, and applied some minor cleanup to the Admin screens.

Mura CMS 5.4 is the best version of Mura CMS ever - faster, more powerful, easier to use and more feature-rich. Download or upgrade now!