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Mura 7 officially released

October 10, 2016 by Malcolm O'Keeffe

We're excited to announce our biggest release yet!

Mura 7 includes huge improvements to the editing experience - including a brand new layout manager which allows for drag/drop page development and configuration - and extensive new programming capabilities, including the powerful Mura ORM and Mura.js frameworks for rapid customization and application building. 

Key features of Mura 7 include: 

  • New front-end layout manager
  • New admin UI
  • New "setup wizard" installation UI
  • Improved content scheduling
  • New display object conventions
  • Improved Mura ORM and JSON API functionality
  • New Mura.js utility 

What's Changed?

If you're an existing Mura CMS user, you can read about what's changed in Mura CMS 7 in our blog post:

A quick guide to changes in Mura CMS 7

Mura developers, you're gonna like this.

Check out the presentation given at CF Summit by our team member Steve Withington: Steve's presentation includes great examples of how to use Mura ORM and Mura.js to build out example applications, including downloadable code samples. 

You can download Mura 7 now, or use the Mura updater to get access to all the great new functionality. If you have any questions or are looking for more information, please check out the Mura Google Group, or get in touch with us directly