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Mura CMS at CMS Day in Paris - June 25


Blue River is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at CMS Day in Paris on June 25. CMS Day is one of the largest CMS-specific conferences in Europe, with over 600 attendees. 

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In addition to being a Gold Sponsor and having a sponsor's booth where we'll be answering questions and providing demos, Mura CMS will be showcased in several different sessions: 

  • MuraCMS - Learn what's new in Mura CMS 6.1

    We'll be showing off the great new features in Mura CMS 6.1, including the new Workflow engine (which we call Approval Chains), built-in Mura ORM, new Comments Manager, Change Set improvements, new integrations (Razuna, FuseGuard, etc.) and more. 
  • Roundtable: Mobile support for CMS

    Mura CMS will be going head-to-head with ?Joomla and Jahia in this roundtable comparision of CMS support for   presenting content to mobile devices. Mura CMS treats mobile content as a "first-class citizen"; we're confident we're going to have a great showing here. 
  • Presentation: CMS for international audiences - technical and functional considerations for multi-lingual content

    Mura CMS and Jahia will be the focus of this discussion about presenting multi-lingual content. We've been hard at working refining our Translations plugin, so we're looking forward to showcasing Mura's great multiple language suport. 

We're proud to be working closely with Prisma IT's Aurélien Deleusière and Guust Nieuwenhuis to make a strong splash at CMS Day - in fact, we couldn't have done it without their hard work and initiative. Here's to partners!   

If you're interested in learning more about Mura CMS at CMS Day, please stop by our booth. Grant Shepert from our London office will there, along with the Prisma IT team, and we can answer any questions, setup demos, and more.