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Mura CMS Training - London, April 29 - May 3

Mura CMS Training Courses

Blue River is offering Mura CMS training Monday, April 29 - Friday, May 3, 2013 in London, England. Sign up now and take advantage of the opportunity to learn Mura CMS directly from the expert team at Blue River.

These full-day training courses will provide you with in-depth understanding of how to get the most out of Mura CMS, from simple content updates all the way to creating new Mura CMS plug-ins. We have 3 courses available, each tailored to the unique needs of your different team members.

  • Admin/User Training Course - Mon, April 29
    In this one-day course, you will learn how to use Mura CMS's administration screens to build, configure and maintain your site. This course will include an overview of Mura CMS's functionality, with a focus on the tools and processes used during site creation and content updates. 
  • Front-End Developer Training Course - Tues and Wed, April 30 and May 1
    In this two-day course, we will cover how to to create and modify Mura CMS templates and CSS to create your site's layouts and design, and how to use JavaScript to manipulate page elements dynamically. We will also show you how to rapidly build-out a site with common functionality by leveraging the built-in features of Mura. 
  • Back-End Developer Training Course - Thurs and Fri, May 2nd and 3rd
    In this two-day course, you will get a hands-on "deep dive" into Mura CMS. You'll learn the fundamental principles at work in Mura CMS, and how to programatically manipulate, extend and customize Mura CMS. We'll cover topics ranging from the accessing the Mura API to creating plugins, integrating external apps, performance tuning and much, much more. 

Discounts are available for students, CFUG attendees and group managers. Space in the course is limited and can fill up quickly, so please book early!

You can find more information here as well as register for the course.