Mura CMS Training: Meet the Trainer

Blue River will be hosting a complete series of Mura CMS Training sessions during the first week of November, 2015 in Sacramento, California. In this article we ask our lead trainer, Steve Withington, about his experience and insight as a Mura training provider.

Blue River will be hosting a complete series of Mura CMS Training sessions during the first week of November, 2015 in Sacramento, California. We asked our lead trainer, Steve Withington, to describe his experience and insight as a Mura training provider:

Steve Withington
Steve Withington, Blue River Director of Education & Events

What makes Mura training valuable, compared to other Mura CMS resources?

Anyone who attends my live Mura training sessions will actually get more value out of the other resources after completing the courses. While I strive to keep our online documentation up-to-date, I often add and/or modify the course content based on real-world experiences and questions that come up during the class. In addition, attendees have direct access to myself, and other Team Mura members throughout the week. The ability to ask for direction on either an existing or upcoming project while learning how to use Mura cannot be easily replicated in any of the other available resources.


What should attendees expect to get out of their time in Mura Training?

People attending any of my sessions will get in-depth, hands on experience with Mura CMS as I personally guide them through their journey into Mura. My goal for those who attend my sessions is that after they leave my class, they'll be able to go back to their desks and be productive right away. I also understand that most of us can only absorb so much content, and while they may not necessarily feel like a "Mura Expert" at the end of their training, they should be much more confident, and comfortable on where to go for help when they need it.


What do you enjoy most about being a Mura CMS Training specialist?

I've always had this passion for sharing knowledge about things I get excited about, and I'm excited about Mura. Some of my favourite training classes have been the ones where I had "doubters" about Mura, and its ability to fit their needs. This often occurs when it has been forced on them from someone upstream in their organisation. Those are often some of the most challenging, but also most rewarding trainings because by the end, the "doubters" become "believers" and eventually recognise how easy Mura is to use and that it truly is one of the best content management systems on this planet.

Upcoming Training Sessions

Sacramento, California

Our next round of training courses in the US will be presented Monday, November 2 to Friday, November 6, 2015, in Sacramento, California.  See US Pricing & Reservations

Take advantage of the Early Bird Promo! Register by October 2, 2015 for a 15% discount on these hosted training dates!

London, England

Our next round of training courses in the EU is currently being planned. Once we have firmed up the dates and location, we'll post the information here: EU Pricing & Reservations

For our US Federal clients, Mura CMS training is available via our GSA schedule.

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