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Mura CMS v6.2 preview release now available

Mura CMS 6.2 is ready to download and test - there are a lot of great new features, and some significant improvements to existing features and processes.

Some highlights of 6.2 include new import/export features for content sections, new calendar UI, security improvements, and much (much!) more. Here's a look at some of the most important changes:

  • Export/Import content - from single pages to entire sections
  • Export/Import of class extensions (no need to recreate by hand when migrating content)
  • Calendar now uses jQuery FullCalendar plugin by default
  • Updated CKEditor and CKFinder to latest versions, with new plugins

  • New CKEditor maps plugin – now using Leaflet for interactive maps and improved mobile support
  • Fixed CKEditor image alignment issues, now using css classes instead of inline style tags
  • Replaced CKEditor's media plugin with new media embed options
  • Google ReCaptcha ("I am not a robot") added. You can install for all or just selected sites
  • Anti-XSS framework improvements for improved security
  • Sitewide SSL support
  • Improvements to User Management UI and functionality
  • Mura Form Builder improvements - now able to nest forms
  • New JSON API
  • Most Mura display objects are now presented asynchronously via AJAX
  • Support for the Lucee scripting language

Additionally, there's a new MuraEmber skunkworks project in github  - it's a proof of concept showing how to use Ember JS to get content remotely from a Mura CMS instance.

Mura CMS 6.2 is available for download (and has been during the entire development cycle) at GitHub, but if you want to use the Auto-Updater to update an existing Mura CMS install, it's very simple. 

Either install a new Mura CMS 6.1 download or go to your existing Mura CMS install, and follow these steps:

  1. Edit /config/settings.ini.cfm and set autoupdatemode=preview (you may need to add this as a new entry)
  2. Edit /config/settings.ini.cfm and set usefilemode=false 

  3. Click the "Reload Application" link in your Mura CMS admin screens (this will reset Mura to use the new autoupdatemode settings)

  4. Go to Site Settings > Global Settings
  5. Click "Update Core Files to Latest Version" (If you are using Railo, check to make sure that the request timeout value is set to at least 5 minutes, as the default value of 50 seconds may not be long enough)
  6. Wait patiently....there are a LOT of files to update
  7. Reload Mura CMS with a database check - paste in this URL -
  8. Enjoy Mura 6.2! 

Important! This preview release should not be used in a mission-critical, production environment. There are known minor issues that could possibly have a major impact on your site - this preview release is for testing purposes only! 

Also, please continue to frequently use the "Update Core Files" function in Mura over the next few weeks, as we'll be making regular updates each day during this preview release cycle. 

Once Mura 6.2 is officially released, be sure to remove the "autoupdatemode=preview" setting in your settings.ini.cfm file! 

If you notice any issues, please post them on our Google Group or GitHub Bug Tracker.