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Mura CMS v6 ready for preview!

After a huge amount of planning, development, testing and debugging (thanks for nothing, IE 7!), we're just about ready to launch Mura v6. Before we do our full release in a couple weeks, we're making it available for beta testing. 

Some of the best new features in Mura v6 include:

  • Brand New UI (based on Twitter Bootstrap)
    • Huge improvements in usability
    • Allows devs to leverage Bootstrap for plugins
    • Streamlined Forms
    • Easier access to global and site-specific functionality
    • Improved tagging
    • Responsive design in Mura CMS Admin (coming very soon)
  • Image Cropping & Custom Image Sizes
  • Multi-file upload (with drag & drop) directly to Site Manager
  • Recurring Events in the Mura CMS Calendar
  • Improved and updated Mura Media Player plugin
  • New export for translation functionality
  • Performance enhancements
  • Theme-based site configuration via XML

Mura v6 is available for download (and has been during the entire development cycle) at GitHub, but if you want to use the Auto-Updater to update an existing Mura CMS install, it's really straightforward. 

To update your Mura install to this preview release, follow these steps:

  1. Edit /config/settings.ini.cfm and set autoupdatemode=preview (you will likely need to add this as a new entry)
  2. Reload Mura CMS (select the "Reload Application" link in the left nav bar of the Admin screens).
  3. Go to Site Settings > Global Settings
  4. Click "Update Core Files to Latest Version"
  5. Wait patiently....there are a LOT of files to update
  6. Reload Mura
  7. Enjoy Mura 6! 

Alternatively, if you'd like to deploy a new instance of Mura v6, you can download it from GitHub.

Important! This preview release should not be used in a mission-critical, production environment. There are known minor issues that could possibly have a major impact on your site - this preview release is for testing purposes only! 

Also, please continue to frequently use the "Update Core Files" function in Mura over the next couple weeks, as we'll be making regular updates each day during this preview release cycle. 

Once Mura 6 is officially released, be sure to remove the "autoupdatemode=preview" setting in your settings.ini.cfm file! 

If you notice any issues, please post them on our GitHub Bug Tracker.