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Mura CMS v6.1 ready for preview!

Mura CMS 6.1 was originally planned to be a very focused, quick release hot on the heels of the launch of v6. But as plans often do, these gradually shifted, and we've ended up including a much more ambitious, feature-rich set of updates.

Mura CMS 6.1 has tons of new features, ranging from the addition of workflow to the introduction of new programming concepts, including the new Mura ORM framework.

Some of the best new features in Mura v6 include:

  • Bootstrap 3 - The default theme included with Mura CMS is now based on the Bootstrap 3 framework

  • Approval Chains (Workflow) - Provides the ability to create and assign content approval chains to enforce publishing workflow rules. 

  • New Mura ORM - A new rapid development approach for creating additional functionality for your Mura CMS site

  • New Dependency Injection (DI/1) - Switching from ColdSpring to DI/1 for dependency injection

  • Comments Manager - Batch review, approval and deletion of comments (finally!)

  • Change Set Rollbacks - Provides the ability to rollback batch site updates (when using Change Sets)

  • Multi-File Upload Improvements - Allows for much faster title, description and metadata edits to mutiple-file additions to Mura CMS

  • Enhanced Related Content - Enables the creation of rich related content lists and relationships

  • Version Diffs (Code & Object) - Provides a view of all changes between versions of a Mura CMS content node, including content diffs and all meta data changes

  • CMD/CTRL S to Save - Keyboard shortcut to save a draft version in Mura CMS

  • Email Templates - Significant improvement to Mura Email Broadcaster's template capabilities

  • Custom Tag Groups - Allows for the creation of multiple Tag groups (previously was one for entire site)

  • Improved File Mgmt (Multiple Sources, Easier Reuse) - Enables you to provide remote URLs for files, and also reuse files and images cross-site more easily

  • Prettify - Code syntax coloring and other improvements to Mura CMS "Source View" when editing a page.

  • Better Form Validation - Improved form validation, both server and client-side

  • Razuna DAM Integration - Allows Mura CMS to use files and images stored in Razuna Digital Asset Management System. 

  • Multi-Device Preview - When editing content, provides a look at how either responsive or mobile-specific layouts will look in multiple devices (full screen, tablet, mobile)

  • PostgreSQL DB Support - Many thanks to Seb Duggan for adding this capability to Mura CMS! 

  • MuraTranslations Plugin Updated - New features and enhancements to Mura CMS's multiple language publishing plugin

  • FuseGuard Integration - Simple integration with FuseGuard server security product (requires purchase of FuseGuard)

Mura CMS 6.1 is available for download (and has been during the entire development cycle) at GitHub, but if you want to use the Auto-Updater to update an existing Mura CMS install, it's very simple. 

Either install a new Mura CMS 6.0 download or go to your existing Mura CMS install, and follow these steps:

  1. Edit /config/settings.ini.cfm and set autoupdatemode=preview (you may need to add this as a new entry)
  2. Edit /config/settings.ini.cfm and set usefilemode=false 

  3. Click the "Reload Application" link in your Mura CMS admin screens (this will reset Mura to use the new autoupdatemode settings)

  4. Go to Site Settings > Global Settings
  5. Click "Update Core Files to Latest Version" (If you are using Railo, check to make sure that the request timeout value is set to at least 5 minutes, as the default value of 50 seconds may not be long enough)
  6. Wait patiently....there are a LOT of files to update
  7. Reload Mura CMS with a database check - paste in this URL -
  8. Enjoy Mura 6.1! 

Important! This preview release should not be used in a mission-critical, production environment. There are known minor issues that could possibly have a major impact on your site - this preview release is for testing purposes only! 

Also, please continue to frequently use the "Update Core Files" function in Mura over the next few weeks, as we'll be making regular updates each day during this preview release cycle. 

Once Mura 6.1 is officially released, be sure to remove the "autoupdatemode=preview" setting in your settings.ini.cfm file! 

If you notice any issues, please post them on our GitHub Bug Tracker.