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Mura CMS v7 Release Candidate Now Available

May 3, 2016 by Malcolm O'Keeffe

We're happy to announce the new Mura CMS 7.0 Release Candidate is now available to download for testing!

Mura 7 Release Candidate Now Available
The all-new responsive Mura 7 Admin UI simplifies and reorganizes common tasks and options.

This release includes many new features, an all-new Administration UI, and some powerful new "under the hood" improvements and enhancements. Some of the highlights include:

  • New Front End Layout Manager

  • New Admin UI

  • New "Setup Wizard" Installation UI

  • Improved Content Scheduling

  • New Display Object Conventions

  • Improved Mura ORM and JSON API Functionality

  • New mura.js Utility 

How to Install

The Mura CMS 7.0 Release Candidate is available for download and can be installed just like any previous Mura version.

How to Upgrade Your Mura Core

  1. Download Mura CMS Release Candidate 7.0 
  2. Back everything up, especially your /config/settings.ini.cfm file.
  3. Unzip the Mura 7 zip then copy and paste everything except the default directory over your existing Mura install.
  4. Make a Reload/DBUpdate request to the Mura root (eg.
  5. Enjoy Mura CMS 7.0! 

How to Upgrade a Site Directory

  1. Back up your existing siteid directory
  2. Replace the contents of your existing siteid directory with the contents of the Mura 7 "default" site directory.
  3. From your site back up, copy over the following files and directories.


Important! This preview release is for testing purposes only!

Enabling the Mura CMS 7 Layout Manager

To enable the Mura CMS 7.0 Layout Manager, which replaces the "Layout & Objects" functionality found in previous Mura versions, add the setting "this.layoutmanager=true;" to the contentRenderer.cfc in the site or theme directory, and reload the Mura application.

This all-new feature provides a fresh approach to front-end editing with an array of display objects and other options directly available via the "Edit Layout" link, which is visible in the front end toolbar once the Layout Manager feature is enabled.

Keeping Up to Date

Once the Release Candidate version has been applied or installed, please continue to use Mura's "Update Core Files" function frequently, as updates will be made daily during this preview release cycle. 

Feedback and Bugs

We look forward to your thoughts, and welcome your feedback, as well as you assistance finding any lingering bugs or problems in Mura CMS 7. Please post any issues or comments on our Google Group or GitHub Bug Tracker.

More Mura CMS 7 Info

Please take a few minutes to read the two other blog posts in this series, as they'll give you a quick overview of what's new and how things work: 

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