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Mura Show: New EU Mura Show & New Schedule for US

We're pleased to announce that we will now have a Mura Show in a European time zone. Beginning Monday, July 9th, our own Grant Shepert will host the Mura Show at 14:00 PM UTC (That's 2:00 PM in London)

We're also moving the US Mura Show to 1:00 PM PST on Mondays beginning Monday, June 25th. There will be no show on July 2nd.

In addition, we'll also be alternating every other week with the European-based Mura Show. We'll still offer a Mura Show every week, it'll just be our US show one week, our EU show the next.

We'll still use the same URL for both shows:

To be clear, here's the schedule through the end of July:


  • 6/25 US Mura Show
  • 7/2 US Mura Show
  • 7/9 EU Mura Show
  • 7/16 NO US SHOW
  • 7/23 EU Mura Show
  • 7/30 US Mura Show

We hope this new schedule and the addition of an option for our European-based users will be welcomed. Thanks for your support of Mura CMS.

Note: We'll still be doing our regularly-scheduled Mura Show on Wednesday this week, 6/20.