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Mura Show Recap & Tomorrow's Topic

We're officially in full swing with The Mura Show with two episodes in the can now. We've gotten a great response and it's been a lot of fun sharing our knowledge with the Mura community.

If you missed the first two shows, here's what we covered:

Show #1: 12/16/2009

We announced Mura version 5.2 and talked about some features and some changes including the decision to move away from Fusebox to Sean Corfield's FW/1 framework for the Mura admin. Then we dove headfirst into creating plugins, with Matt pointing out important details while walking through our "Hello World" plugin. We finished up with some free-form Q & A.

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Show #2: 12/23/2009

In the second episode, Matt continues with plugin development by discussing the "local" eventhandler.cfc. We also we delve into "auto-update" best-practices, get an update on the migration of the Mura admin to FW/1 for Mura v5.2, and show how simple it is to assign permissions and password-protect content, including creating a custom login page.

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Show #3: 12/30/2009

This week we had planned on starting our next series in which we'll port Charlie Areharts' site to Mura CMS, but the holidays caught up with us and we'll need to push that back into January. However, we've had a lot of requests to walk through building the home page of the Merced theme that ships with Mura (and available as a free download), so we'll tackle that instead. We'll also cover a few other things like Local Indexes, Remote Feeds, creating a blog, a simple form and probably more. And as always, we'll leave time for questions on any topic at the end. This is free, live tech support so feel free to hit us up!

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